Joel Johnson

So this is the space where I regal you with a description of myself that is supposed to make you see/convince you/sell you what an amazing photographer I am- with words. Well, words have never been my strong point.  Ask anyone who knows me- the closest ones will say they "speak Joel"  My wife has suggested I require a translator..... What I do know is that my photography speaks for itself. It's the way I find it easiest to express how I see, how I feel, how I interpret, this world, and the people around me in it.   I started my career in photography over 10 years ago with a Minolta X700 in weddings and from there moved onto a variety of styles (travel and photo journalism and interior design) and specialties including photo editing and lighting.  After a two year break in wedding  photography(and a few camera upgrades, I am now a solid Nikon guy) while my wife and I took off to see the world some more- Blue and I had the chance to shoot a spectacular wedding in 2014 and it was there that we realized, together, we were able to create images for our clients that really and truly were as special as them.  

There is no greater privilege than being extended the opportunity to capture two peoples commitment to one another in the timeless art form that is photography



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